History of the Brawl

Originally a holiday gift for some friends, Sunset Brawlers grew into a full-fledged, cross-platform fighting game.
Our original version of the game included the first six characters with basic combat, and it was created in less than two weeks!
Over summer, we picked up development of the game (formerly known as Eggnog Project) again after positive popular reception!
Now, Sunset Brawlers is packed with 2D pixel brawling chaos - nostalgic of our favorite childhood platforming and brawling games!

About the Team
The Team

Eliot (left) is the programmer for Sunset Brawlers. He recently graduated with a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Now, he concurrently works on a bunch of projects within the game dev field. In Sunset Brawlers, Eliot has coded nearly all of the C#, ranging from combat to netcode while leading Bryan through the intricacies of Unity and version control.

Bryan (right) is the UI/UX designer for Sunset Brawlers and website. A long-time friend of Eliot, he schemed with Eliot to secretly make the game a holiday gift. In Sunset Brawlers, he creates all of the art, branding, and strives to carry a sense of arcade nostalgia into a mobile game. Currently, Bryan is a student at the University of California, Berkeley, studying Cognitive Science with a focus in Human-Computer Interaction. He consumed countless bubble tea drinks during the making of Sunset Project.

Shoutout to our friends Jon, Josh, Tom, Richard, and the additional testing crew for putting up with our secrets as we developed the game and putting countless hours into playtesting it.