Facebook Instant Games Announcement

Coming soon to Facebook Games - a truly cross-platform brawling experience!

Join the brawl

Hilarious Characters

Choose from ensemble of 6+ brawlers with unique playstyles and tons of various 8-bit skins to unlock! Originally based on our best friends, each character has a personally-tailored set of stats and goofy skins!

Aerial Combat

Sunset Brawlers features some insanely-amped, hyperactive physics. You can jump to crazy heights and knock your opponents into space - or smash them down to the darkest depths!

Party for everyone

Unlike standard four-player multiplayer, Sunset Project can support 6 players, so every brawler can punch it out at once! Want to duel with your best buddy? That's fine too - gameplay mechanics scale to the brawl!

Lag-Free Brawling

An optimal server is automatically chosen for lag-free brawling, but brawlers can also choose any server to brawl with friends anywhere! Worldwide servers (Canada, Japan, Europe, Aus, SEA) are coming soon - stay tuned.

History of the Brawl

Originally a holiday gift for some friends, Sunset Brawlers grew into a full-fledged, cross-platform fighting game.
It's packed with 2D pixel brawling chaos - nostalgic of our favorite childhood platforming and brawling games!
We are rapidly nearing beta - join the brawl and give it a try for free!